Photo credit: Eugen Spinu

Dushyant is an Amsterdam based photographer, with 12 years of experience. He likes the challenge of capturing authentic expressions in portraits, unique perspectives of cities, and the perfect moment in wildlife photography.

He also loves storytelling, and cycling, which feed back to his photography.

He has always shot with Panasonic Lumix systems, and he'll tell you that it is because they are the most intuitive cameras to use, but he is willing to concede that he is just used to this camera system and doesn't like change. He tried switching to Fujifilm a few years ago, and didn't like it one bit.

He started and currently co-organizes Amsterdam Photography Club, a community of some of the most inspiring photographers in Amsterdam.

Dushyant is currently working on a project about the creative process behind-the-scenes, where he interviews and photographs creatives engaged in developing and practicing their craft.